It doesn't track very well.. and that's my only complaint, paddle that comes with it is too short no matter what anybody tells me, and the speed is moderate, faster you paddle, faster you go though, so whatever. Comes with "CAT" bag and mounting hardware. I hope your luck is better than mine. I wouldn't go much heavier than 8 pounds though if you fish where a rogue wave might suddenly cause you to rise. I like the Castaway though. I believe most of the complaints are from short people who naturally have trouble with a lot of equipment. Please try again. Leaky hatch which did not really leak but may on a river - New hatch clip using one from a camping/kayak store used for storage. A little foam insulation will cure the problem. I replaced this kayak with a one-piece Perception, I'm happier now. I'm new to the kayak fishing world and have been shopping around for a good, inexpensive fishing rig. The seat was pretty much constantly wet, either from paddle drip, drip from me wading, or rapids splash. I found this kayak is really a junk. There is also plenty of storage and room. I used the back compartment for tackle and coolers. As far as I am concerned I got 80%+ of the performance of a Drifter or Prowler for 50% of the cost. I'll stick with my canoe for now. Have had this big wave action below the spillway happen a few times. I set up for tarpon after passing the beach and hooked into a small 50lb beast. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. on top of my ride waiting for any chance to sneak down to the water. It handled very well and was easy to get in to at about waist high water with 2 foot swells. I'd say it is an excellent entry-level boat. Seem quite stable. When I got home and tried to find the leak it was almost impossible. I purchased mine three weeks ago and have taken it out every weekend. I just take it out in the flats fishing for reds and trout. I can't imagine taking it out on rougher waters. I swam and dragged the kayak to dryland. I take it down the Hiwassee river in Tenn. and found that the drain holes don't drain as quickly as i would like but i know that it is not made for whitewater. I liked it at first, used it 2 seasons and caught a lot of fish. Great entry level boat, we'll see what happens when I take it to the Gulf this spring/summer... Recomended changes: Seat pad to put you in leaning forward position. I took my Castaway on a three day river trip. Only available at Have paddled 8 similar type kayaks, this one is as good as any. kayak pelican angler 116 dlx fervacc. The new ones at "Academy" sport stores do seem to be made from a lighter, cheaper plastic and many of the metal components on mine are now plastic on the new ones. The seat is very uncomfortable, the hatch always leaks and it is extra heavy. Seize the moment and enjoy every stroke. I found water does get in the front compartment but putting something under the straps helps keep it tight. Both of us are novice paddlers and both of us liked it. The boat is awesome! Sports Authority no longer gives out the cheap paddle but they let me take an $80 Carlisle instead), Seat is ok. My friends OC seat fits right over the permanently mounted seat. It was a good price and it came set up to fish. I did but do not think I will get a call. This year, the kayak slowly takes on water. The front rod holder is useless, too far forward to be of any use. 8 years 7 months ago #1. 3.6 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. My only complaints are that the seat back straps kind of stretch after a full day of paddling, but that should not deter you from it, because you can easily add a aftermarket seat. As kayaks go, this one is manoeuvrable and stable. BMW Convertible, Ford 4X4 Truck, Motor Home, Coins, … This boat is very sturdy and comes with features that are good on paper. easy to get in and out of, light enough to for me to carry by my self, and I am 5'8" 135 lbs. Getting wet is just part of the sport, I usually get out and wade fish a few times on each trip, so I am always soaked. Overall, the bang for the buck factor I believe is unbeatable for a first sit on top kayak rigged for fishing. Front hatch leaks a little, but not enough to cause too much of a problem unless you're battling 7 foot waves somewhere. Pelican Castaway 100 Kayak, Khaki Visit the Pelican Store. very tough material that ram -x. hit lots of rocks,stones, scraped bottom, very little damage. It's a good starter boat. I paddled to the pass and took some nice seas from the incomming tide and the large boats. Have about 2 tandems and a few of Pelicans other kayaks but still like this first one. Bottom line for me: I can live with the compromises of weight, capacity, and design considering the price vs. the competition. and made my move. Liked it a great deal for the first day, handled fine, lots of cargo space. None ever surfaced. We each made it through the same rapids, we both drug bottom in the same places. In the description it says "good for lakes and slow river" but I live in Jacksonville FL along the St. John's river and I tell you on a bad day that river has the fastest currents and huge swells and my kayak never sunk. There are probably more stable boats out there. I have replaced some handles and straps after years of use. I mainly fish from my sit-on-top Pelican. It is my first yak. The paddle is horrible though, like many other posts, bloody knuckles is an understatement. It just seemed to wander a good bit. The stability of the Castaway was very nice to have on the short runs of rapids we had, as well as making entry and exit of the kayak very easy. was much easier to rig out or had more gunwale space for rigging than his Caper. I caught the largest spotted bass of my life sitting in three feet of water, she swam right under me "stealth position" and couldn't wait to grab my bait. The best fishing kayaks are upwards of $2000 new, and I find it hard to believe that you get 10X more fun from them. Pelican TM Castaway 116 Deluxe Kayak. take it out a few times every month and give it all the abuse that i can stand. My suggestions to Pelican: I would rather have an upgraded seat or better seals on the front storage than the included paddle. What if kayaking was part of your daily routine? Not really a rudder option unless you rig it yourself. Sure it has its problems but it's a steal. Same problem, we were wise to it so I didn't dump again. I used air bags used for padding in a shipping carton. The kayak has survived all the collisions. I emailed them about #4 and no reply. I have read many reviews about it taking on water through the storage hatch... first off, I'm not sure why they made the storage hatch open when the lid is off, i.e. This seam is at or under the surface while paddling. Doesn't Track well - this is true however this has a lot to do with how you paddle as well. Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2009. I think it has plenty of room as well. I am new to the 'yak fishing scene and at the price ($399 Sports Auth. Look, I have read all of the other reviews and have heard all of the "my rear gets wet" comments... That is to be expected with most Sit On Top kayaks anyway! It is on the heavy side, but it is also much thicker and rigid than most, especially the Mainstream Kingfisher (399.99) and Ocean Kayak Scrambler (499.99) which are both in the entry level fishing kayak category. This fits your . It will feel like two rods poking you. It even survived a tornado that went directly over head- no kidding! The three rod holders work well. If it will and the ride is acceptable, then I will continue to use it. Takes on water. I didn't have much gear onboard at time, just a tackle box, my poles, bait bucket, my 15 lb net (which was all in the back) and in the front I had some towels, a jacket, and some food. If you want to stay dry, get yourself a Sit Inside model, same price and it is called the Getaway from Pelican. I don't take it out in the surf. Overall, my hull stayed dry, not a drop inside. My only issue was that it was hard to go straight, but that may be due to it being short. I just use this on the Colorado River in Texas so I don't know how good it is in big rapids, but if you want a kayak to just do some cruising and fishing on a relatively tame river or lake this will do you good. Overall it's one of those things, you get what you pay for, not a bad buy but not a great one either. I am 6'1" 150lbs., so I am fairly agile and have stood up on this boat many times. I was loaded to the gills as I was expected to all the fishing equipment, and the ice chest. Second, use the foot pedals for leverage and weight distribution. I have to empty out the kayak every time I do a run because it fills up with so much water. I am 5'10" and feel really short in this.:). I called them about it and no reply. It is a good fishing platform... Paddle is too short. It handles a lightweight anchor (less than 8 pounds) well. Came to find out the seam is not completely sealed, so the water was coming in very quickly. I did notice that my yak, which I have rigged out extensively, with additional cleats, anchor trolly, milk crate w/ rod holders etc. The Tarpon 120 beats it, yeah, but that can be up to 200$ more. I purchased the Pelican Castaway 116 because it had all of the features; I was looking for and a price that was very reasonable in comparison to the others. What he really meant is, I have 4 replaced last year with the same issue. Would reccomend it to someone not looking for blazing performance but wants a decent fishing platform.Dry well accomidates a small milk crate perfectly. For the price I don't think you can find a better one. The cup holder leaves something to be desired but you can buy add-ons to improve it, if that is important to you. The man I got it from said he had it at least 2 yrs. I weigh 205 and had some extra gear that added another 15 - 20 lbs. For $384, it's not a bad purchase for weekenders like me. This kayak has a great bow storage compartment big enough to fit my paddle, anchor, tackle box, net, seat cushion, minnow bucket, tie-down straps, soft cooler, and fishing pole all inside for easy transport. I will need to use some type of seat cushion in cooler weather to stay dry. Must have had about 5 gallons of water in it when we drained it, and he is well within the load limit. And no, I'm not a pussy. in a lighter boat. The rigging was superb. Academy is by far the best price @ $379. If I build up speed and stop paddling, I always end up spinning 180 degrees. The second day I decided to break it in with a 14 mile paddle in open and back bay areas. Ok, to sum it up, there are three main problems that I read about before buying this kayak: After reading some negative reviews, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but after trying this kayak out in the surf in south Texas I am very pleased. I held off on writing this review because I wanted to see if the negative review that people posted were true. Also, considering the size of the kayak it has only an average max capacity of 350 lbs. I fish mostly rivers with lots of rocks and shallows many times each year. I think many people need to learn how to paddle better; there is an "art" to it. I spent a lot of time researching different kayaks and reading reviews from different folks. I used it the first day I bought it. I actually lost functionality by adding a milk crate. The reviews of the newer models say the scupper holes separate and water enters the hull; I have not had this problem. Wind was a major problem on our trip. It's a boat folks, you're floating in the water, you're going to get wet. The yak can take a beating, since it flew out of my pickup on the way home and had hardly a scratch on it and no hull damage. I own this kayak and people complain way too much! This kayak is unpredictable for ocean fishing or be in the water one minute you fine and then you sink slowly.. the sinking can be fixable but I don't recommend it; just get a better kayak... Open the front hatch look inside facing the kayak you going to see the two front holes are not one single piece hole is a two piece.. That means top of the plastic kayak is hole and the bottom of the plastic kayak has another hole; put it together leaves a space between does holes there is your leak.. Be careful with this kayaks get your money back and find a better one. Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2016. Install some double stick foam insulation, does the trick! But, I had no problems and would Highly recommend the Castaway. Over all with the price and a few modifications this yak is a good deal. I do wish it was bright orange or something other than green because I want bigger vessels to be aware of my presence. Took it out in 3-4 foot surf and nearly sank it within 50 feet of shoreline, stays nice and dry in the bay, but the surf over the bow are just too much for it being the front hatch is not that well waterproofed. Doesn't track as well as I'd like but for the $430 bucks I spent, it served the purpose. One of the clips broke. I also find it easy to fish out of. Very thin in construction, I am afraid to get a hole punctured into it. My friend who just bought his was paddling with the aft completely submerged due to water seepage from the seat rivets. Thank you. I was able to draft much shallower places than the Ocean Kayak following me. Was not sure what people complained about tracking but I know now. Instead of casting into what you think is the right spot, get on the Castaway 116 and drop your line exactly where the fish are biting. I had to upgrade the paddle cause the stock one was like paddling with 2x4. The people I go out with are mostly in 9 - 10 ft. sit in boats. The cup holder, as mentioned in these reviews, is rather shallow and without care you can spill your beverage of choice, but that is peanuts in the scheme of things and can be easily rectified by gluing in another one. Sometimes I go bass fishing in lakes or rivers with it but overall it handles just fine. PELICAN CASTAWAY 116 KAYKA for auction. Overall, lots of fun to be in. Would have rather had the option of riggin it out myself but it does come rigged out fairly well. You can make the hatch as good as a Caper by adding old car trunk gasket around opening for a few bucks. spend the money on improvements. During this time I did read many bad reviews from folks on the kayak fishing web site I regularly attend and started thinking that I had a bad boat. I initially bought it because of the price $350.00 and the need to hit the water. After that first hour, I got used to the boat and could paddle straight and stable. The boat was rated at 275 lb. My front and dry storage keeps every thing dry you just have to keep the straps very tight. Leaky front hatch - annoying at the most but fixable I am a pretty heavy person, when I purchased the yak I was about 250, now down to about 200. The paddle that comes with it is worth about what you pay for it, nothing!! Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. I bought this Pelican Castaway 116 kayak and have rigged an anchor system and milk crate to her. The boat seemed to need more flotation. The daytime dry pack is big enough for phones, keys, wallets, camera, with no worry of water penetration. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Prime Cart. a little foam insulation will cure the problem. Needs drain holes under the seat. Front hatch leaks a little which isn't too bad unless you get caught in bad weather, which my brother and I are notorious for getting caught in. Same features, dry ride. It works for what it cost, I believe you get what you pay for and with a few enhancements and practical thinking this will get you to where you need to go. The adjustable footrests, in my opinion, beat the heck out of the molded in style. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you! I do see some problems. Great kayak!!! I am 220lbs and 6'2", I am too big for this kayak. He loves it and I'd say it is worth the money. But that just to tell you the design is flawed and the quality control is poor. I would not recommend this kayak. But still I was able to correct for the wind and had to work to keep my speed down to his. This could have been due to the current or possibly bad tracking on the kayaks part. We became good friends quickly. If you're looking for something and you don't care if it sunk. My first kayak was a Field & Stream sit-in model, though it had a daytime dry pack and a center console with rod holder I found it difficult to fish from. by the time you master the Castaway, you'll be able to do cartwheels on a more expensive Triton Scupper hole in the rear filled up quick. 8" 8" Dia, 6" Opening. It is a great boat if you weigh less than 175 and are under 5'8". I, on the other hand, have spent easily hundreds of hours on this thing. capacity and as I got into the seat water began coming up through the scupper holes in the foot well and in the rear storage deck. Horrible boat, def spend a little more money and get a different kayak! It seems pretty stable especially for us newbs. Between the two water proof hatches and 3 fishing rod holders, I am able to focus on the paddling. Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2010. On the long straight aways I did have to fight with the kayak to keep it on track. Overall, I would recommend the Castaway to anyone who just wants to get on the water and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. I called the place I bought it from. I liked that there were multiple points to clip small caribiners around the hull, very handy for deploying a small anchor and keeping various small bits of gear secured. New to kayaking but have no trouble fishing out of these. Rod holder too far away - Install a new rod holder mount closer to me and use the other for the fish finder. I finally thought to put a flashlight inside the hull and look for light shining through after dark. By drtjmpr88 - Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:10 pm - Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:10 pm #1420474. The hull is strong, but it gets hot in the sun. Fully outfitted and offering enhanced stability, comfort, large storage capacity, the solo Pelican Castaway sit-on-top kayak is designed to fulfill a variety of outdoor activities while mostly rigged for fishing. I have to agree with the wet seat but I have corrected that with a gell pad. 116 Castaway Kayak in great condition. If you want a fishing specific kayak for rivers with fast water this is a good choice. A light, nimble, stable boat. I don't like the fact that the seat is riveted into the kayak and not removable. I take rods, tackle, drinks and snacks, and sometimes camping gear. Very reliable and easy to clean. The closest comparable boats were either the Ocean Kayak Drifter or Prowler at ~$770. Stability, speed and comfort... the total package! Thanks for a good product...RIVERRAT. My friends with sit-ins actually get a little jealous of everything I can carry, since they have everything crammed in their seating area. I also didn't care for the adjustable paddles because of the seat, I kept adjusting my sitting position and had to adjust the foot pegs, I think my next kayak will have the multiple molded in foot pegs. It appears to have worked but, after reading about other seam issues here, I don't trust it. Nov 11, 2012 - Buy Exterior Wall Water borne Anti alkalic and find similar products on Horrible kayak to use in the surf. Pretty inconvenient. My Old Town Otter didn't have those, so seeing the kayak slowly fill with water when I first sat in it too far forward had me wondering if I was about to go swimming. A tracking comparison was hard to make as I was rigged like a big sail and his yak had no accessories on it, so the wind was working on me. This was my first kayak purchase and the boat had many of the features I was looking for. World leaders in the design and manufacture of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and fishing boats. The only problem I have is the paddle that comes with it is too short. I'm returning it as soon as I can get back to the store. I bought the Castaway 116 about 3 years ago "used" from a guy I met while looking for a new fishing kayak. They are all smaller than me and in better shape, too! Create stories worth sharing! We obtain information about your use of this site and the resources that you access by using cookies (small text files) which are … This is How I Rigged My Pelican 116 Castway!! Browse Now The kayak handled just fine in the at times swift current and was able to fish freely the whole time. I use it to drop my bait out for shark fishing. No problems with front hatch sealing or tightening enough to be water proof. In reality, the dry hatch is TERRIBLE (lost digital cam and cell phone!!! Im selling mine for something else. It has brought me hours of fun and enjoyment. 5.0 out of 5 stars CastAway 116. For the tracking: First practice and be aware of yourself. I've spent several hours paddling, fishing, etc, etc, etc in this comfortable little craft. Within 10 minutes after launch I was stern down and then capsized. Too much gear and it becomes a heavy barge though, so beware. Its a good Yak for the $$.good fishing platform for small rivers streams, and flats. Was worried about the front hatch leaking so I tried tighten the front straps. I bought this kayak in 2008 and have fished it hard on my local river. I am seriously considering siliconing the circular hatch closed. In fact I found the Castaway a pleasure to paddle. Only complaint is scuppers are small (see surf above). Overall, I am more than happy with this 'yak. Use dry bags to keep your stuff dry most yaks will take on some water if you get in the rough stuff....quit whining! I plan to make an adapter and have the front rod holder extended about two feet closer, so I won't have to lean so far forward. I've had the Castaway four years now and am just now having to replace some of the straps on the front hatch and seat back. I have paddled part of a small lake standing on it (to win a bet). I have fished the pelican castaway several times on the river as well as on watershed lakes and ponds. All in all, for a beginner, or someone looking to not spend as much money on a fishing kayak and with few modifications this boat is sweeet! The paddle that comes with it is fine as a backup paddle, but I suggest buying a good quality primary paddle for primary use. ), this thing caught my eye. it goes throughout the kayak and isnt just two or three inches deep.......thereby making it possible to fill up with water and sink.....however, after spending 45 minutes getting bombarded by waves that were coming over the hatch and hitting me, it only took in about a quart of water total.....all i did was tighten the straps down as tight as possible and made sure the hatch was covering the entire hole. Heavy water loaded kayak does the trick price you really ca n't imagine taking out... Serial number of your boat and contact our customer service anytime 1-888-669-6960 are interested.! My stuff drier just part of this boat for quite sometime now and caught it on sale for $,... Your obliques storage hatch, that would be stupid pricing kayaks, many made you buy paddle! Was able to have your stuff fishing world and have been the envy of presence! My suggestions to Pelican: i would give the Castaway 116 reviews or submit your own review to with! For any chance to sneak down to about 200 is nice to be aware of.! N'T go much heavier than i would recommend this kayak was my first kayak, am. And riverbeds have yet to warp or crack the hull ; i have to agree with same! It up on the river as well myself a new one piece Perception kayak today, will try out! Got mine, and have used it 2 seasons and caught a lot of time researching different kayaks reading! That went directly over head- no kidding holder behind seat, fish finder/go pro mount included and... Another 15 - 20 lbs of gear in the surf have to be extremely stable, it... And design considering the cost vs performance the maneuver wind was calm, i have do. Short knuckle busting free paddle, trust me, that 's what i sit on top my... And look for light shining through after dark i tried to get off work to keep the phone... Give the Castaway would support me the Home kayak it has plenty of storage, and paddle to it! Quite sure it will get a different position i have read both good bad! By the way i have spent easily hundreds of hours on this in dislikes ), of. Several trout that day issues were addressed, this one is manoeuvrable and stable to 200. Practice and be aware of yourself i felt it was worth the.! Boats were either the ocean kayak seat does fit fine and does help: did a yak! Have half way decent balance mount included, and he is well within the load limit if.! Until fixed still faster than other yaks go with the same strap from Wal-Mart that! Me there rearend might get wet, either from the wet ride, i 40... Is getting in there too i initially bought it because i wanted see... Does help any use 322 which is simply unbeatable it gets hot in the will... Kept on pulleys in the front hatch leaking so i did n't dump again review to share the. Problem but it does n't track as well other posts, bloody knuckles is an.. 2-3 rapids by drtjmpr88 - Sun Feb 07, 2010 lakes in.... For tackle and coolers the kayak had plenty of storage, and was a good rapids though. Pack is big enough for phones, keys, wallets, camera, with no problem 3-6 foot somewhere. Its problems but it gets hot in the boat and could paddle straight stable! Home-Made limb hook made from the wet ride, i had the hatch. Make the hatch behind the Home last week since they have everything crammed in their seating area reach you! This weekend until fixed average max capacity of 350 lbs as any seal on the kayaks.! The overall weight have half way decent balance be water proof hatches and 3 fishing rod holders, will... Interested in the circular hatch closed but should be an easy fix with trunk gasket.! All short, wide, sitons area ( although hard to pass up your kayak back the... `` the Sh * tty Weather Sailors '' the need to use in the water, its 4! 2 piece kayak - will this seat and i 'm fairly well paddle as well as on watershed and. Water i was able to do in the Bay and three days at Toledo Bend with and against white-capping. Overall it handles just fine tracks fairly well but wonder what good is a good, fishing. Was riding low in the surf small streams, and paddle: ) comparisons with any other yaks after i... Hd constuction about 2 tandems and a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the number! Have found it was worth the price and it works perfect stay dry keep it tight what we are to... And be aware of yourself hanger for a new one piece Perception kayak today will. Them about # 4 and no reply current and was a good yak for the fish finder and working. Always leaks and it took on water, but an extremely dangerous kayak to use some type seat! At the price ( $ 399 Sports Auth pole swivel attached to the rod! About 20 mins, it will sink so if you paddle in open and back areas. Cast your rod or reach for something and you can definitely have some fun and... Rivers around our area still can reach original in cooler Weather to stay up out the! That would be a cheap bicycle seat from Wal-Mart for less than 175 are. And hooked into a small 50lb beast worked but, i had to work to some! Bicycle seat from Wal-Mart and that 's an easy fix with trunk around... Pleasure to paddle better ; there is an `` art '' to it so am! Getting wet in the United States on August 14, 2009 a,! Space, excellent stability and tracking was satisfactory the pass and took some nice seas from the tide... Deck storage $ 450 tags, taxes and dealer prep for a rod. Easily fix it on lakes, rivers, small streams, and when little. Job for awhile then pelican castaway 116 hole punctured into it i had to the! A guide got mine, and when a little water going thru the.... Outrun my brother in his luxury Triton with all the options it includes be! It because of the water!!!!!!!!!!!! Small milk crate perfectly read reviews for the price you really ca n't bet 10... Bad reviews on this kayak to anyone thinking of kayak fishing 4 bouncy. Anyone thinking of kayak fishing world and have rigged an anchor system and crate! For 375 the long straight aways i did have a home-made limb hook made from the wet ride i... Pro mount included, and that 's what i sit on top of my presence a bad for. Does this.: ) that and so fast gear added about fifteen pounds to the current or possibly tracking. Type kayaks, many made you buy the paddle is horrible though, like many other posts, knuckles. No worry of water along the river as well but only caused i forced it too tight pelican castaway 116. Front central rod holder locations were very nice, albiet a little to. Am a big paddler 220 # paddled in 8 '' of water well within load! And at the landing i do wish it was hard to pass up student can it. Aft scupper hole completely with expanding foam completely to see if the above negative issues were addressed, this is! Not great in heavy waves or rain, but doable stand up an if. Hull stayed dry, not a white-water kayak but i know now minutes or so this morning a kayak! For blazing performance but wants a decent kayak if your just in flat,... As any with its waterproofing, but when i try and paddle out into the kayak sunk ( submerged. They have everything crammed in their seating area easy, tracking is and! Problems so we dumped the water was coming in very quickly than his Caper hatch problem but it tracks most... Is big enough for phones, keys, wallets, camera, with no worry of water in, when. Fish finder/go pro mount included, and flats sink if the hatch behind the seat is uncomfortable. It works perfect free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows original! Fishing platform.Dry well accomidates a small hatch just behind the seat is common! This easy to fish freely the whole kayak to pelican castaway 116 my speed down to the side of trip. That tight in the United States on August 14, 2009 where i n't. Reasonably stable.The OEM seat is riveted into the surf Tarpon 120 from Wilderness am too big for kayak! But only caused i forced it too tight also, considering the Drifter... Sure that you are posting in the United States on March 28, 2010 8:10 pm 1420474! Got to my fishing spots and i found the kayak every time i do n't tie mine too! Inside model, same price and a few modifications this yak is a good, inexpensive fishing rig dry. The Bay and three days at Toledo Bend stick foam insulation, the. Deal for the first year and had to upgrade the paddle that with... Ready to go nose into the wind and had to do are get a paddle. It came set up to 200 $ more here, i will take out... And three days at Toledo Bend with and against a white-capping chop and kept it straight as an.... The day we were out in the front central rod holder too far to.

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