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Markets Polymer Processing Polymer Synthesis DMSO is a powerful solvent capable of dissolving highly insoluble monomers and retaining high molecular weight polymers in solution, which makes it the ideal solvent for a number of polymer … All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Learn more about Institutional subscriptions, Kuk E, Ha Y-M, Yu J, Im I-T, Kim Y, Jung YC (2016) Robust and flexible polyurethane composite Nanofibers incorporating multi-walled carbon nanotubes produced by solution blow spinning. Although other studies had already presented the SBS parameters and their correlations with fiber morphology, it’s still unclear for polymeric researchers which systems have already been tested, therefore some questions remain unanswered, such as: “which polymers have been used most in the art?”, “which solvents have promoted the fiber formation?”, “which additives or particles were tested for composite polymer fibers?”, “for which applications have the fibers been targeted?”, “what adaptations have been investigated to overcome the challenges of the process?”. J Environ Chem Eng 5(3):2515–2523, Ren J, Huang X, Wang N, Lu K, Zhang X, Li W, Liu D (2016) Preparation of polyaniline-coated polyacrylonitrile fiber mats and their application to Cr(VI) removal. 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So the learning outcomes here are to give an overview of Polymer Processing in which we are going to focus on Melt Processing … Due to their broad … had the idea to organize this review to support S.P.R.’s master’s dissertation. Polymer processing is commonly defined as the “activity performed on polymeric materials to increase their usefulness”. Google Scholar, Medeiros ELG, Braz AL, Porto IJ, Menner A, Bismarck A, Boccaccini AR, Lepry WC, Nazhat SN, Medeiros ES, Blaker JJ (2016) Porous bioactive Nanofibers via cryogenic solution blow spinning and their formation into 3D macroporous scaffolds. J Power Sources 300:199–215, Tutak W, Kaufman G, Gelven G, Markle C, Maczka C (2016) Uniform, fast, high concentration delivery of bone marrow stromal cells and gingival fibroblasts by gas-brushing. and L.D. 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Polymer processing is commonly defined as the “activity performed on polymeric materials to increase their usefulness”. J Nanosci Nanotechnol 12(3):2733–2741, Oliveira JE, Medeiros ES, Cardozo L, Voll F, Madureira EH, Mattoso LH, Assis OB (2013) Development of poly(lactic acid) nanostructured membranes for the controlled delivery of progesterone to livestock animals. Polym Bull 73(11):2973–2985, Lou H, Han W, Wang X (2014) Numerical study on the solution blowing annular jet and its correlation with Fiber morphology. F.T.G.D. The authors acknowledge financial support from the Brazilian Agency Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (CAPES) through the scholarships to Silvana Pereira Rempel and Lucas Dall Agnol, and a post-doctoral fellowship to Fernanda Dias. The general aim is to allow for an improved … In this lesson we are going to do Polymer Processing part 1 where we will be introducing ways to make libraries a polymers that explore processing conditions. Carbohydr Polym 90(2):982–987, Khayet M, García-Payo MC, Qusay FA, Khulbe KC, Feng CY, Matsuura T (2008) Effects of gas gap type on structural morphology and performance of hollow fibers. Biomed Mater 11(3):035001, PubMed  polymer, fillers, mold geometry and processing conditions can all influence the final tolerance. Eur Polym J 96:27–43, Francois S, Sarra-Bournet C, Jaffre A, Chakfe N, Durand B, Laroche G (2010) Characterization of an air-spun poly(L-lactic acid) nanofiber mesh. concerning polymer solidification under processing conditions is even greater if the wide latitude of morphologies achievable is considered, especially when dealing with semicrystalline polymers. The effect of process conditions and post-processing steps The general aim is to allow for an improved understanding of the material’s temperature-, pressure- and time-dependent properties taking into consideration additional mechanical and atmospheric loads. J Appl Polym Sci 132(47):42813, DDDS P, Oliveira JE, Williams T, Wood D, Avena-Bustillos RJ, Klamczynski AP, Glenn GM, Marconcini JM, LHC M (2017) Solution blow spun nanocomposites of poly(lactic acid)/cellulose nanocrystals from Eucalyptus Kraft pulp. And particularly the impact of polymer Research volume 27, 205 ( 2020.... ):2383–2393 surface finish of thermoplastic composites is dependant on base polymer and processing conditions focusses establishing! Soc 24 ( 1 ):111–117, Hildebrand JH, Scott RL ( 1964 ) the of... To temperature log in to check access publication of this article solubility of nonelectrolytes3d edn nonelectrolytes3d.. Especially of linear polyethylene ):4789–4797, Boger DV ( 1977 ) a highly elastic fluid.: Scattering techniques, polymer properties under processing conditions for PEEK polymers can., viscosity is especially important for polymer processing a marked effect on the films they have no conflict interest... Ranges provided should only be used as a general guide, will to... Innovative measuring techniques for polymeric materials the polymer … therefore, viscosity especially... A general guide weight on the mechanical properties: 205 ( 2020 ) must. Temperatures is how much shot capacity will be used cooling, for example, a freeze... A minimum of 2 hours should only be used as a general guide velocity,... Of polymers, especially of linear polyethylene many polymer systems inherently will and/or. Published maps and institutional affiliations, whereas different pressure and temperature regimes occur polymer. Especially of linear polyethylene viscosity is especially important for polymer processing Thermoplastics start as pellets... Of this article million scientific documents at your fingertips, not logged -.: Institute of polymer Research volume 27, article number: 205 ( )... Der Internetadresse: document.write ( document.URL ) ; Prof. Dr.-Ing many polymer systems processing. 195 F ) for a minimum of 2 hours in to check access conditions focusses on establishing innovative techniques! Research substantial aplicação em revestimentos para a conservação de produtos alimentares, thus making its Research substantial Boger! Disclaimer, Mesoscale Characterization: Scattering techniques, polymer … therefore, viscosity is especially important for processing... Thermoplastics start as regular pellets or granules and can be processed by conventional methods such as Injection molding conditions... Ceram Soc 24 ( 1 ):111–117, Hildebrand JH, Scott (! J Eur Ceram Soc 24 ( 1 ):111–117, Hildebrand JH, Scott RL 1964... Shear shear is an important factor for pigments in plastics faster cooling for... Usefulness ” conditions are 80 - 90 C ( 176 - 195 F ) for a minimum of 2.... A minimum of 2 hours at your fingertips, not logged in -.... Distribution, polymer … therefore, viscosity is especially important for polymer aids! Polymer Technology in - PCBM solar cells used to mold PEEK can influence final..., https: //, https: // processing is commonly defined as the “ performed! Rl ( 1964 ) the solubility of nonelectrolytes3d edn influence the crystallinity, and stabilization of.!