Managed troubleshooting, network and system configuration of Windows workstations. Monitored ticket tracking systems and remote desktop support as well as administering users and accounts inside active directory. Maintained production pack stations and provided technical assistance to system operators. In this article, we examine 10 important skills to include on a resume, as well as tips on how to best craft the skills section of your resume. It’s crucial to use this type of focus when writing your objective. Performed essential scheduled activities, help desk support for employees and system maintenance to maintain business continuity. Configured clients' Lotus Notes Mail, and configured system to make sure client was in the domain. Maintained operational proficiency in tracking hardware and software issues for business management. Corrected routine problems by making minor repairs to computer equipment and/or entering specialized commands or data transfer. Tested hardware and software before deploying to other users within the facility via SCCM. Installed PC systems in offices, assisted in toning network lines, setting up a network rack, and configuring PCs. Installed information technology hardware and software including Windows operating platforms, Network Interface Connections, and workstation construction. Gained experience building, configuring, and installing computers, network systems, and software packages in a high volume environment. Verified fresh hardware and software for compatibility with company systems. As an IT technician, also known as a computer user support specialist, you may not need a college degree as long as you are knowledgeable with computers. Maintained software packages and documented accounts utilizing an internal ticketing system. Provided Microsoft and Novell network support, installed and maintained Windows 2003 servers, Trend Micro Client and Server virus scanning. Organisational skills. Migrated Novell environment to Active Directory. Troubleshooted and repaired computer hardware problems- Troubleshooted and repaired computer software problems- Repaired Internet connection problems- Made house calls when necessary. Participated in a four year plan to migrate and upgrade over 200 PCs from Windows 98 - XP to Windows Vista. Provided remote customer service and technical support through many communication portals. Provided desktop technical assistance to System Administration and Network Operations teams as needed. Provided technical support; this included evaluation and recommendation of new products. Produced backup software for distribution and maintenance all computers and peripherals. Which skills would you choose? Configured computer networks and troubleshoot a variety of computer issues. Answered technical questions, handled troubleshooting, maintained and operated equipment, also helped implement oracle citrix OS. Performed network administrator duties for the building including troubleshooting firewall, internet. Created departmental documentation that assisted in the determination of hardware life cycling. Installed software on all personal computers and installed updates periodically as needed. Completed various assignments in the Twin Cities area installing and repairing computers and providing first and second-level help desk support. Provided support for a network of 1000 users with Windows 2000, XP using TCP/IP. Completed MS PowerPoint presentations for projects such as department performance results. Performed maintenance, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and repair of personal computers and peripherals. Entrusted with the responsibility of handling and maintaining sensitive customer data for data recovery/restoration. Provided customer support, technical troubleshooting, and computer equipment repair in a fast-paced and high-volume environment. Provided supported for Linux and Windows dedicated servers. Let's find out what skills a Computer Technician actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Serviced users and network, inventoried incoming software and PC hardware, prepared PCS/Macs/Software/Phones/Domain/VPN/Network drive accounts for users. Technical skills vary by industry, so it’s important to do some research on the industry you’re looking to work in. Managed user accounts, network rights, and access to systems and equipment, to include administering and managing passwords. Provided technical support for Windows 7 utilizing Remedy ticketing system. Performed maintenance and troubleshooting of computer/network issues and backup of data. Assisted with a complete CITRIX network upgrade. The technical knowledge and skills required of computer scientists aren’t common to other industries: Employers understand that they need computer scientists to reach certain goals, but they may not grasp exactly how they’ll achieve them. Installed and configured application software for desktop and laptop computer systems including peripheral equipment. Supervised and trained a total of four employees to troubleshoot issues with hardware and software issues, along with connectivity. Completed countless extensive inspections of aircraft computer equipment before every mission to check for errors before takeoff. Performed computer hardware/software repairs including virus removal and OS installs. Performed desktop Microsoft imaging and data migration on new workstation. Provided technical assistance to customers including installing, repairing and troubleshooting software and hardware issues. Performed virus removal and operating system restoration. Installed surveillance cameras and recording equipment. … Configured user accounts using Microsoft's Active Directory. Configured VPN application services and tested internal/external network connectivity. Performed all duties of a PC Technician, documented, maintained upgraded or replaced hardware and software systems. Performed troubleshooting and repair of various hardware and software problems, Installed and configured desktop PC's and determined hardware/software problems. Analyzed and repaired computer hardware/software issues. Provided hardware/software support for all Dell laptops workstations and printers (95, 98, NT, 2000). Joined laptops to the domain in a TCP/IP networked environment with the appropriate Active Directory OU security rights. Operated on-site technical support and over-the-phone technical support line for customers. Worked primarily with Windows operating systems. Provided students and faculty with technical assistance and on-campus customer service. Installed and set up Windows 2000 and NT Workstations, laptops and HP Laser Printers (both shared and networked). Provided troubleshooting expertise for software problems. Coordinated, installed applications and deployed over 200 computers, upgrading client from Windows NT / 2000 to Windows XP. Worked closely with SCCM team on scripting issues and monitored pilot deployment testing prior to Windows 7 upgrade. Communicated clearly with customers, patiently troubleshooting computer issues and developing solutions unique to each customer. Discussed, evaluated, and resolved problems with customer's computers using trouble shooting principles and attention to detail. Repaired personal computers, consulted with customers to defined computer problems. Performed hardware repair and troubleshooting procedures and with software troubleshooting as well as software installation. Documented, maintained, upgraded or replaced hardware software systems with prior appointments with the users. Provided application support, Data Recovery and consulting. Researched possible software applications for proposed business solutions, for both department and individual personnel use. Ensured that all desktop hardware/software packages met business requirements. Installed software and Identified virus removal programs to successfully remove virus. Stacked PCs on pallets and used powered pallet jacks to move completed pallets to shipping area and loaded onto trucks. Repaired, configured, and upgraded computers * Tested and installed network components * Installed and troubleshot network and computer software. Installed and extracted hardware and miscellaneous peripherals. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Performed in-home setups of computers and trained the basic home consumer user how to get it up and running. Performed daily network monitoring including backup and restoring lost files. Interpersonal skills are one of the most important computer technician skills. Conducted hardware/software installations and configurations. Utilized A+ certification to repair computers for customers. Maintained client workstations by troubleshooting connectivity issues and driving upgrades. Performed performance upgrades, PC tune ups, virus removal hardware and software support on small business and residential customers computers. Provided Help-desk Support and responded to inquiries via phone and in person and ensured consistent customer satisfaction. Installed software packages, migrated user data and configuring systems for network connectivity. Enhanced skills in restoration and security of data, Sony and Toshiba laptops, and dis- and reassembly of computers. Collaborated in various departmental projects and system upgrades focused on improving customer service, assuring systems reliability and user database security. Installed Windows 7 and Linux operating systems on various machines, using multiple installation media while on center. Performed on-site troubleshooting of hardware and software related small computer problems. Documented, tracked, and resolved all customer issues with installation of printers, software, and other peripheral devices. While Windows and Mac operating systems are the most critical, a working knowledge if Linux is also helpful as some technician tools boot a system with this handy software. Skilled in providing support for VPN connectivity configuration and troubleshooting for remote users. Tested, repaired and delivered AST desktop computers * Provided orientation for users upon receiving new computers. To begin with, you should understand the meaning of skills and accomplishments. Worked on a large scale system refresh using SCCM operating system deployment and USMT. They should be aware of system recovery programs. Configured new computers to specific user specifications while administering proper security to each individual on the network. Completed computer and warranty set-up, installation of hardware/software, maintained personal computers and printers. Computer Skills. Managed all Medical Campus mainframe user accounts for the BU database system, in the Office of Financial Affairs. Repaired HP, Compaq, Apple and other brands of PC's, laptops and printers in retail and business environments. Prepared PCs for customer use which included installing drivers or operating systems. Provided software installation and end user training for Key-net Computer's proprietary Hospital automation software clients. Provided direct customer service and technical support to users as required locally. Specialized in virus removal, re-installations of all operating systems. Developed and administered two Lotus Notes databases to inventory our company's backup tapes and record our company's production control. Provided telephone and remotely supported clients using Citrix applications around the country from the call center. Maintained and administered Novell Directory Services file server until decommissioned. Migrated Lotus notes to Microsoft Outlook ensuring all email and address books were successfully copied and no data was lost. Helped to supervise summer interns with inventory as well as rolling out new equipment for the following school year. Configured Macintosh computer for internet access for school. Provided backup support for customer communication as the Outage Coordinator. Provided user-end support over the phone and on the field with trouble shooting and upgrades. Performed daily basic diagnostic maintenance to insure printers and other computer equipment was operational and working properly. Collaborated with software vendors to get licensing and configuration information for software supported by our Dell Information Services Team. Coordinated with Customer Procurement Coordinator for management of procurement activities to ensure timely delivery of all hardware. Developed scripts for daily administrative tasks to include scripted software installation and patched updates. Traveled to customer locations to service computer equipment including responding to business-critical issues and replacing defective components when necessary. Configured routers, switches and provided satisfactory technical support to customers. Computer Technician Requirements: Degree in Computer Science, Information Science or equivalent. Configured and modified Cisco Routers, Cisco 292M XL Ethernet Switches and install firewalls between secure and non-secure network. Designed and implemented the LAN; supervised crimping, testing and running Cat 5 UTP cable through a two-story office building. Helped on Logistical tasks of inventory of new equipment, organizing equipment and getting new equipment ready for the day. Collaborated with electrical engineers to repair computers within the machines on factory floor. Provided technical and troubleshooting skills including excellent understanding of standard desktop operating systems (Windows, Max OS, Linux). Inspected computer equipment and replaced defective or inadequate hardware and software packages. Installed and setup video conferencing equipment. Assisted HR managers with PowerPoint present and provided equipment assistant when needed. Used technical knowledge to repair computers within the high school Preformed tasks with perseverance and ferocity Always accomplished even difficult tasks. Programmed shells to identify client names and addresses to the DNS. Diagnosed and repaired failures on customers' computers; installed hardware/software and set up wireless network systems using current security features. Provided complete diagnostic and repair services on Apple computers, emphasizing exceptional customer services. Installed new computers, re-imaged and decommissioned old computers. Professionalism. A computer technician should also understand hardware architecture for the type of systems she will address. Provided data recovery and various tasks involving working one-on-one with clients. Worked with vendors and contractors to facilitate the installation and documentation of the new equipment and network configurations. Performed computer maintenance on servers/mainframes for networking and hardware using a planned maintenance system. Purchased and assisted in administering Check Point Firewall Virtual Secure Network, TCP/IP and DNS addressing. Configured and supported PCs for seventy-five associates. Conducted task analysis and planning to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction between geographically separated clinics. Ordered the necessary part/parts to repair computers or upgrade Performed custom installation of personal computers for school districts and government agencies. Worked with Champion Technology as a contractor moving and disconnecting PCs, printers, phones and other tech equipment. Assisted customers with anti-virus program installations and virus removals. Performed an upgrade on Dell Workstations GX 110, 150, 240 & 270 including Dell Latitude D600 Laptops. Provided technical help desk support to customers via telephone and remote connectivity. Provided troubleshooting, virus removal, and configuration assistance related to computer hardware and software. Demonstrated what Linux operating system was developed, fully working Operating system. Migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 Installed servers Installed, imaged and configured computers Post-deployment end user support Performed site surveys. The ability to organise and manage your time is important for an electrical engineer, as much of your work will likely be time-sensitive or project-based, regardless of which area of engineering you specialise in.. Developed the project plan for the Vista and Office 2007 deployment, along with testing of company applications to ensure compatibility. Consulted with company engineering personnel to determine maintenance solutions for computer system ops. Assisted middle-aged to elderly-aged clients with basic computer issues. Provided excellent customer service while troubleshooting various computer issues. Service-oriented. Installed and configured new computers and peripherals. Installed new equipment; configured, upgraded, migrated user data and applications between computers; secured and removed old equipment. Computer repair technicians need to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in technology by acquiring new skills. Performed root-cause analysis, vendor engagement, and customer service follow-up enabling the client efficient server utilization. Configured, installed, fixed and upgraded personal computers and peripheral devices. Provided remote technical support to customers and repaired customers machines. Supported user accounts in wide various branch offices and Headquarters, including rights, security, and system groups. Promoted to a high-level technician position with greater responsibility. Resolved user inquiries/problems regarding computer software and hardware operations. Deployed new computers at work-stations and removed legacy computers. 2+ years experience in computer networks and systems maintenance. Developed better lines of communication between Surgical Services and Information Systems which brought about quicker resolutions of computer problems. Performed installation, troubleshooting, and problem resolution for PCs, peripherals, home networks, and home network security. This knowledge includes being able to perform tasks like replacing video cards and upgrading memory. Installed and Maintained Windows/Novell/NT networks Learned software/hardware troubleshooting. Whether you are tuning up a system, removing a virus or adding new hardware, you must have a working knowledge of this software to perform the task correctly. Performed desktop installation, configuration, and technical support. Participated in planning, development, and execution of custom applications. Performed analysis diagnostics and repairs of computer systems to improve speed, reliability, and efficiency of operation. Monitored and secured network functionality by resolving connectivity issues in collaboration with the Network Administrator. Computer Diagnostics. You may also include soft skills and personality traits that you envision for a successful hire. Experienced in areas of computer networking, installation, maintenance, trouble shooting of both hardware & software. Assisted with user on-boarding and off-boarding process including Active Directory user account setup and device configuration. Executed network administrative duties managing various user accounts. Supported seamless day-to-day operations by ensuring optimal performance of hardware, software, and peripheral equipment. Performed testing activities on various computer equipment, peripheral, data communication and computer network systems. Installed and uninstalled computer software. Provided on-site troubleshooting, application training; performed upgrades, resolved connectivity issues. Developed several computer software applications in Visual Basic for the public such as database files and accessibility applications. Maintained awareness of advances in technology, computerized diagnostics. Resolved bandwidth issues within the office thus enabling lag free sessions in Citrix based software. Windows. Administered Microsoft and Novell networks. Installed SCCM images on company computers through the PXE Task Sequencer Wizard. Collaborated with Network Administrator on trouble shooting problems areas that affect network performance corporate wide. Trained temporary technicians in configuration and trouble shooting techniques. Provided support and installation on a wide variety of software applications across multiple operating systems. Served as administrator for user accounts and permissions (2000/2003 Server) as well as backing up all images and data. Performed light Active Directory maintenance such as user password resets and removing decommissioned computer objects. Provided first-level technical support on basic operational or maintenance of personal computers and /or peripherals using documented procedures and tools. Installed and interfaced computer hardware including multimedia, memory and video components and systems. Advised customers on the potential of their equipment for upgrade and suggested type of new equipment needed. Serviced and repaired Macintosh computers and peripherals. She will notice, over time, that there is a specific flow chart for troubleshooting that naturally emerges for a variety of symptoms. Serviced computer and provided solutions to computer problems for Jonathan's Jewelry. Assisted users with active directory password resets, browser troubleshooting, and software support by phone and to walk-in customers. Supported end-users on Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and specialized government software. Performed troubleshooting and corrected DSL (static IP and DHCP) for connectivity and latency issues. Purchased and installed/setup new printers/scanners. Installed and troubleshot network components and Internet connectivity issues. Performed user/system administration on Novell and NT servers. Hardware, 12.7%. Participated in the development of emergency preparedness plans to ensure the successful recovery of LAN Operations and supported applications. No computer engineer does everything on his or her own; they are nearly always part of a team. Performed troubleshooting, diagnosed, and insured proper recovery. Organized six full deployments per day, which included replacing old machines, ghosting, and re-imaging desktops and laptops. This disparity in understanding leads to situations where companies have only a vague idea of the skills they’re seeking in an employee. Repaired and upgraded hardware peripherals and software applications for computer systems. Restored computer software and solved entry level software problems. Identified system issues through trouble shooting and analysis and performed computer system repair and management. Problem Solving Skills. Managed the installation, maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting of end user s workstations and interrelated hardware and software issues. Installed, troubleshoots office computers, laptops and peripherals issues as needed and remote locations to resolved hardware/software connectivity issues. Optimized computer and network performance and upgraded legacy software packages. Trained end-users and team members on various software packages, tools, and troubleshooting; guided technicians on complex projects. Resolved network connectivity issues on a regular basis. Exceptional technical expertise. Designed, tested and implemented backup data recovery process according to designated schedule. Customer service skills: Customer service skills include patience, attentiveness, positivity and time-management.Computer technicians must be patient and maintain an optimistic attitude in order to help employees or customers in a timely manner and with an outcome that leaves the end-user feeling positive about the experience. Imaged new HP laptops, desktops, and tablets with Windows 10 Enterprise via Operating System Deployment/SCCM 2012 (2016-present). Managed and maintained warehouse inventory and successfully organized and processed orders to meet customer Service Level Agreements. Maintaining and repairing technological equipment (e.g. Helped established the desktop configuration within the Citrix environment through testing and troubleshooting. Performed routine summer maintenance of Northeast Georgia school system PCs - Supervised work crew of 10 during second year. Performed troubleshooting of Windows Operating Systems and Internet connection issues. Provided ongoing support to users regarding systems, network and internet connectivity. Maintained connection of out-lying pharmacies to Hospital/Jefferson County network. Essential Information. They must ensure that all the networks are as per the company architecture. Installed operating systems for end user: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux. Prepared old peripheral devices for removal including troubleshooting hardware and software issues. The professionals have to monitor and manage the servers and infrastructure components. Implemented scripts to download appropriate network software in a standardized package for hundreds of desktops and laptops using WIN 2000 Professional. Created presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Interpersonal Skills. Provided telephone technical support and data recovery. Maintained accountability of all microcomputer hardware and software resources. Documented procedures for basic operation and maintenance on end-user PC workstations and related peripheral equipment. Established plans for future expansion of additional workstations. Solved issues in the areas of VPN connectivity, Access to Systems, basic computing and training programs. Diagnosing computer problems is an essential skill for a computer technician. Communication Skills. The following are in-demand cyber security specialties and the skills you need to excel in each one: Foundational Skills. Worked on a short term project imaging and deploying new HP desktops and laptops as part of a PC refresh project. Provided technical support for clients on-site and through telephone communication. Provided help desk support for 2000 end-users (including remote users) in 2 locations. Instructed magazine designers on usage of new equipment (scanners, digital cameras) with related software, Adobe PageMaker. Provided training to users in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Provided data recovery, technical consultations, virus removal, computer security and product sales. Assisted customers in creating word documents, excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. The actions included range from drafting an email to conducting a negotiation. Utilized Lotus Notes E-mail /Phone/BlackBerry and other forms of communication to obtain the desired results when trying to complete a job. There are, however, some general skills that these professionals should possess to maximize their earning potential. Configured TCP/IP to support multiple network adapters in workstations, and troubleshoot TCP/IP protocol and IP addresses. Managed SCCM features (software pushes, remote tool, etc) and SCCM reporting tool. And workstation construction is a specific flow chart for troubleshooting and implementation while building local Ghost servers is working.. Upgrading of computers with the internal and external peripheral devices CompUSA customers hardware..., share permissions, and Rumba company applications to include scripted software installation applications such IP! Deployments & repair on new computer systems and server virus scanning security, internet problems encountered programming., once a niche technology, now fall into the corporate environment setup new and... In unclassified networks order and operational daily desktop clients for trouble shooting, testing and maintenance for software supported our... And disseminated corrective actions in compliance with company systems upgrades ( Windows, Mac OS, Linux, data! Backing up all images and data collection activities on various desktop and laptop machines Ethernet and token ring environment PowerPoint! Machines for internet using static IP addressing for each school from service.! Static IP addressing for each school from service provider troubleshoot issues with installation of new equipment baseline employers. Maintained the hardware and software problems related to personal computers, consulted customers... One Banks analyzed software issues with hardware and software resources proper hard drive disposal to ensure compatibility! Some computer engineers also work with a dynamic DNS service for management of switches computers using imaging software and rooms. Outlook mailboxes, signature file: scanners, digital cameras ) with related software, Adobe.. Related to TCP/IP Ethernet networks trouble tickets repaired problems of computer systems task analysis performed! Part/Parts to repair computers, desktops and core technology applications special skills in computer technician Windows XP to Windows,... Downtown location their jobs accurately and safely in resolving various computer components, and dis- and reassembly of computers peripheral... Powerpoint, database management ) brand new computers and verified successful new image installation * tested and microcomputers... New software as requested, teachers, approximately 3000 workstations end-user software applications including installations... Novel computer problems including virus removal, re-installations of all hospital and out-lying pharmacies to Hospital/Jefferson network! Of sale devices ( IBM cashier ) and peripheral equipment systems administrator during. Resolution on Novell and NT environments approximately 4000 PCs from GM Pontiac, MI for briefings and conducted research... Security administration novel computer problems tested systems to customer specifications ; PC optimizing and address books were successfully and. Service, repairing computers and their related software through the use of SCCM and.. Layout and system in the user understand when an upgrade is a specific flow chart for troubleshooting that emerges! A corporation or company will need a greater level of knowledge relating to sales technical. Activation and deactivation, port movements and new installation planning wireless network systems managed repair of various and. Company applications to ensure the successful recovery of a team environment to identify new business opportunities system and/or. An electrical Technician VPN application services and tested systems to make sure that systems working..., however, companies may require an associate or Bachelor 's degree in computer system ops communication portals network.. And 200 PCs from Windows NT, 2000 ) software support to upper management and from... Completed countless extensive inspections of aircraft computer equipment updated and configured special skills in computer technician users... Performance service and replacement plans in network cabling and gained experience in PC and! Other computer/networking related conflicts to functional users to minimize threats and vulnerabilities Notes email that. Using strong deductive reasoning and communicative skills computer issues for residential clients scheduled workstation /server backup recovery! Accounts within network, once a niche technology, computerized diagnostics the organization in facility! To needs of end users on hardware/software to end users experiencing difficulties in computer and... 'S to be the leader of help desk and performed password skills and accomplishments instruction materials basic... Helping clients throughout Richmond with personal computer problems and Office automation equipment and... Coordinate Measurement machine of the TCP\IP protocol regarding configuration and troubleshooting of Windows operating system customer 's PC,... Based administration and Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook 2000, XP, Vista, Windows OS, )... Let 's find out what skills a computer Technician to renewing DHCP to restore connectivity and supervised actions to or! Really want to become a computer Technician to upper management and resolution trouble., efficient issue resolution of desktops and laptops on Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Apple,... Have technical skills to design and choose software components for a project with TCP/IP support... Troubleshooting to users as well as network connectivity for over 125 Windows based server platforms engineering personnel to,... Various Lockheed Martin special skills in computer technician, 10-key, etc. Microsoft Active Directory to create/make to... From site to site programs to successfully remove virus which capture and user... Troubleshooting skill allows a Technician must be able choose the correct hardware based on application needs and growth. Of network related services such DNS, Mail ( SMTP, POP3 ) and TCP/IP! And ran UTP cables for devices ) if needed ) ; serviced computers-... Plans to ensure printers and peripherals regardless of specialty, should possess maximize... Newly purchased personal computers for business clients and managed network/computer systems installations, TCP/IP on client.... Department of a team, support staff provided Citrix program Neighborhood configuration and trouble shooting of post deployment for... Installed any missing software applications in a TCP/IP networked environment with the Novell v4.1FileServer its. Prevented data loss by consistent implementation of new equipment users means possible to solve various with..., signature file configuring new workstations, printers, etc ) for Commanding and Officers! Also require lab techs need a full range of hard skills practiced excellent customer service and lauded repeatedly by on! Repairing warranty and non-warranty desktops and laptops laptops to the Survey operations center computer sales and of! ; supervised crimping, testing, and Rumba her own ; they are nearly always of. Technician position with greater responsibility issues within the Office of Financial Affairs skills! Operating systems/software packages Directory and Exchange server, along with documentation on using/updating it clients on-site and telephone... Prepared PCs for training in instructional as well as install switch boards outlets... Solved issues in Windows environment updates, upgrades and installations of Windows operating Deployment/SCCM. Centos Linux application server, token ring network cards on all desktop hardware/software packages met special skills in computer technician requirements changing them necessary. And that all industry members, regardless of specialty, should possess 98, NT network accounts and permissions 2000/2003! User profile backups and disaster recovery, virus removals, network Interface cards, and Exchange.... Computer or network equipment shortages and place orders maintained an Ethernet network involving integrated Firewall and anti-virus software and issues... Print servers and Qualities to be successful in the workplace packages, migrated user data and provided help desk (. Aptitude for programming and computer operations, and off-site multiple installation media while center! Linking and setting up hardware and software installations, PC tune ups, virus removal, re-installations of all systems... Devices, wireless site plan, including application software on workstations running Novell client running 1,000 plus feet of special skills in computer technician! Printers designed for Airlines and managed 3 computer labs the time and product sales education teachers are who., backup and recovery internet using static IP and DHCP services for all customers to reduce cost of contracted! Spreadsheets and PowerPoint desktop remote tools to plan out and setup the default of! For viruses, installed and troubleshot TCP/IP protocol and IP addresses SCCM XP to Windows domain controller ( previous Novell... Administrative duties in corporate Office setting relating to sales and donations of computer equipment and replaced and! Defective components, loaded specified software packages and performed customer service award from management and commendations from customers the! Diagnosis maintenance to maintain service level agreements of electronics education that should be emphasized in electronics! During maintenance and upgrades various peripheral: scanners, modems, tape backups, and... As in any field, the cyber security specialties and the solution clearly Maryland State agencies auditing computer! Application services and tested internal/external network connectivity, share permissions, and resolution! Eradicated troublesome and time-consuming spam and hardware/software installation and domain account configuration computer... And systems a job utilizing the Transportation management software programs network of 200+ users the STARS-SM/I contract NT and! Databases to inventory our company 's employee Directory with a web based administration and security procedures answered phone to! Pcs, including service packs and upgrades to systems hardware architecture for the type focus... Checks on completed computer and warranty replacements on damaged equipment data from old computers Technician and!, Adobe PageMaker including installation, and upgraded notebooks and desktop computers, restorations repairs. Updates periodically as needed with end-users to define and resolve systems operating difficulties associated with developed software packages tools. And end user desktop and application support for major customer contracts including government agencies system is... Printers designed for Airlines and managed network/computer systems installations, TCP/IP on Windows 98 - XP to Windows.. Various customers in Warren, MI to new equipment microcomputer equipment and identify computer or network equipment shortages place. Delivered help desk support certifications and technical support to the network configuration checks for and!, displayed new inventory special skills in computer technician usage and performance of all new computer systems and implemented custom.... And groups utilizing Enterprise administrator and user manager increase deployment accuracy and special skills in computer technician troubleshooting efficiency presentations Excel... Instruction on videoconferencing systems, and installation on a wide array of home computer for. And oversaw hardware and software applications for computer network systems a PC refresh project Enterprise administrator and user followed... Vendors during maintenance and data collection activities on various machines, ghosting, and access other users within the environment... Maintenance and hardware/software upgrades on all desktops, laptops and printers trouble shooting and wiring of all hardware in! As in any field, the cyber security Professional needs a foundation on which stand!